Host Families

The Xenia Scouts need host families each year for players and staff. Host families play a crucial role in summer collegiate baseball, as many of the players on the Scouts roster are not from Xenia, Ohio. As NCAA student-athletes, Scouts players are not allowed to accept pay for playing in a summer league. As a result, summer collegiate baseball leagues have traditionally relied on local families to house their players.

Host families are obligated to provide a spare bedroom and access to a bathroom and laundry facilities. In addition, the Scouts ask that host families would provide a packed lunch and small breakfast most days.

Hosting a Scouts player can be a rewarding experience for the host family. Scouts players are excellent role models for young children and teenagers and are great company for the entire household. Often players and host families share a friendship that lasts well beyond the end of the season.


What does it mean to be a host family?

To be a host family means that the Xenia Scouts players assigned to you have a place to call “home” and a family who takes interest in them while they are miles away from their hometown.

What do the host families provide?

The Xenia Scouts need housing for approximately 25 baseball players each summer. The families must provide a bed, breakfast, and lunch for the majority of the days. Players are provided with dinner after each game, but on “off” days, host families should plan on players eating with them.

Where do host families come from?

To provide the players with minimal drive time and to keep gas costs low, the Xenia Scouts prefers that host families are located within Xenia or within close proximity to the city limits. Interested families are from local churches or have heard of the program through the Xenia Scouts Youth Baseball Program.

What is the schedule like for the baseball players?

With a 40-game summer schedule and daily team discipleship, the players have minimal down-time. The team has several outings and ministry opportunities that keep the players going from one thing to the next. There is an All-Star break in the middle of the summer that gives players 3 days off, if they have not been chosen for the All-Star team.

If you are interested in hosting players, please contact:

Athletes in Action Baseball


 Julie Garrison, Host Family Coordinator